Yoga in the Kashmir Tradition
with Billy Doylestillness

retreats 21A retreat allows us to stop everything
we are doing, to be away from our usual repetitive activities. We can go more deeply into our yoga practice in its different aspects: postures, breathing, meditation
and self-enquiry. It is a time of renewal and an opportunity for fresh insights that can arise from quietness.
The venues are chosen to be close to nature, in the countryside or near the sea.

“When you become more sensitive to the body you have the impression that the inhalation-exhalation is no longer localised. It is all around you.
It is important to see how we live mainly in our heads. Think with your whole body, feel with your whole body. In the whole feeling, the global sensation, you go into your room and touch your whole room. You go outside and touch the clouds, the trees, the water. You do not live in isolation.
In your radiation you are in communion with all things. In this expansion there is no place for the ego because the ego is a contraction. Love is expansion, a feeling of spaciousness.”

Jean Klein