Yoga in the Kashmir Tradition
with Billy Doylestillness


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new_yogabook NEW REVISED EDITION November 2019
Yoga in the Kashmir Tradition: the art of listening presents the teachings of Jean Klein as I experienced them as a student of his over many years. Jean Klein was a master of advaita (non-duality) and yoga. The approach to yoga was grounded in the non-dualistic perspective. In this book I focus on his teaching regarding yoga, but as all aspects of his teaching were totally integrated, these different facets are interwoven through the book.
In the book there are a series of guided meditations and exercises on such subjects as relaxation, the body as sensation, the opening of the senses, feeling our verticality, breathing, pranayama, the expansion of the body in space, movement and yoga asanas. The purpose of these is to free ourselves from all patterns and restrictions and to bring us to openness, to transparency. It is only then that we are open to our real nature - that which is beyond the mind. Read more   
Also available in Spanish, Japanese and Dutch

mirageThe Mirage of Separation
I've not sat down intentionally to write the book, rather the lines, as it were, came to me, sometimes beginning with a feeling, a word or phrase or some point of teaching. This happened whilst walking in the park, sitting on a train, on awakening from sleep etc; many were written at Brockwood Park, a retreat centre in Hampshire.
The writings are pointers to our essence, that which is beyond all appearance and free of all representation. They are an invitation to silence.  Read more

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